The most romantic movie scores of all time.

While I was surfing WordPress today, I came along an interesting post. Now, if you’re too lazy to actually open the post or you just want me to let you in on a little secret, it’s a post listing some of the most impressive movie scores of all time. Of course, you have the typical ones like Lord of the Rings (how is anything in that series NOT epic???) and even a surprising one: the soundtrack to How to Train your Dragon. Now that impressed me. Not only do I love this movie, but this blog inspired me to immediately rush to YouTube in order to listen to the entire soundtrack in it’s awesomeness. And it was pretty awesome. Now, I’m not saying that this is a copycat list, but I listen to music for what it says: whether it be the lyrics or the mood. Sadly, that means that my boyfriend’s favorite band, Animal Collective, has not made it onto my favorites list because one: I think it sounds kind of creepy, and two: their lyrics make NO sense whatsoever. And, in pursuit of one of my favorite pastimes other than reading, I am going to obsess about how hopelessly romantic my favorite soundtracks are in this wonderfully cheesy list of most romantic movie scores of all time (in my opinion).

PS. Warning: spoilers ahead!!

10. Walk to Remember

I was only ten or eleven when this movie came out, and thus my knowledge of love was limited to the kiss at the end of The Little Mermaid. But who didn’t fall in love with Mandy Moore’s sweet smile and captivating voice in this movie? One of the most concrete ingredients for a successful chick flick is the separator: what causes the two star-crossed lovers to break apart, if only temporary or in this case, sadly forever. All I can say is, there wasn’t a dry tear in the house when this movie hit theaters, and the combination of heart-breaking bad-boy rock and the sweet soulful tunes of Mandy Moore are the perfect concoction of love, longing, and loss.

9. Sound of Music

One of my favorite movies of ALL time. I performed the “I am sixteen going on seventeen” song with a boy for the talent show way back in highschool. Just thinking about it evokes warm memories of a time when romance consisted of a charming duet, and a declaration of love was made with a kiss on the hand rather than a rocking night in bed. It makes me long for the forgotten romance of old, when love ballads were in style, and every girl wished she had an ex-nun for a stepmother.

8. West side story

Even though it’s been years since I’ve seen this movie, who can forget the tragic heartbreak, and yes, ultimate separation that occurs in this movie?? Oh my God. Maria, Maria, Maria, why did you die when you were so young, and your voice so sweet? We shall never forget thee, nor never stop loving thy beautiful memory.

7. Dirty Dancing

Oh God. When I first saw this movie, I didn’t know that feathered hair could be so sexy, nor tight shirts so arousing. Oh Patrick, you captured my heart. Even now, years later, I would gladly marry you five times over. And wasn’t everyone just COMPLETELY jealous of the rocking bod’ Jennifer Grey possesses? I know I was. But I know that now, every time I hear the song “Hungry Eyes“, I can’t help but sigh heavily, and wish there was a strong pair of hands encircling my hips at that moment.

6. Officer and a Gentleman

Perhaps I am a bit biased by putting this song up here, since I am after all a native of the beautiful Pacific northwest, but this has to be one of my favorite movies of all time because Richard Gere is my mental chocolate, and there is nothing sexier than a man in uniform. And like the first movie in our list, who doesn’t love the idea of a bad-boy turned good for the sake of his woman?? Oh Richard, you can be my bad boy anytime (PS, now would be the time to remind you that although yes, he may be a little bit old for me, if you have ever seen Chicago you would know that he isn’t too old for ANYBODY). Anytime I am frustrated with the idea of love, the theme song of this movie saves me. Every time. Richard, if love lifts me up where I belong, I shall be by your side soon.

5. Ghost

I know what you’re thinking: ANOTHER Patrick Swayze movie?? Yea yea, shut up. He was the god of his time, and we must not forget that. Anyhoo, I’ve never seen mud look sexier than in this movie. Yes, rather phallic, and yes, rather messy, but oh so lovely. Tied irrevocably with the song Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers, this is one potting scene not to be forgotten soon.

4. Titanic

I think Titanic is a movie that is very much like the Lord of the Rings series: so epic, that once you see it, there is little need to see it again. Now, I’m not saying it’s bad; in fact I think it’s rather good. But I mean, c’mon. In this day and age who has time to spend three hours watching Leonardo DiCaprio die? It’s already heartbreaking enough just thinking about it. And the amount of flak received by *ahem* the male species is sometimes not worth the private crying session this movie invokes. But I will place a bet that no matter who you are, you cannot hear a Celine Dion song or stand in the bow of a ship/ferry without thinking about this scene. Though it came out over ten years ago, I still sing My Heart Will go On nearly every time I take a shower.

3. Moulin Rouge

One of my favorite movies of all time? I think so. Oh my God. Marry me Marry me Marry me Marry me Marry me Marry me Marry me Marry me Marry me Marry me Marry me Marry me Marry me Marry me Marry me Marry me Marry me Marry me Marry me Marry me  Ewan McGregor. Please. Take me away this instant. Not only is Nicole Kidman one of my favorite actresses, but what else can make the list of romantic movie scores but the movie that includes almost EVERY beautiful piece of romantic music ever made??? Love love love love. I want to rush out and watch it right now.

The first time I ever watched this movie was in a 10th grade English class. My friend Kelsey played a clip of the last five minutes, and I cried hard. And by hard, I mean snot running, puffy eyes, stifled sobs hard. I do not fool around when I decide to cry. But the last FIVE MINUTES people! THAT’S how good this soundtrack (and this movie!) is.

2. Grease

Is there any soundtrack that has affected a generation more than this one? If you stroll into a room (with at least one woman in it) I can almost guarantee that she will know at least two thirds of the lyrics to every song in Grease. And once again, there is the inevitable bad boy/goody two shoes girl combo! This is a trend we need to bring back, ladies and gentlemen. An era in which people sang to express their feelings and broke out into spontaneous organized line dances. Danny, I’ll remember you every summer night.

1. Pretty woman.

Okay, not only is this a bad-ass movie about a hooker turned socialite, the music is number one because it’s one of the most simple melodies I’ve ever heard, and yet there’s so much romance, gentle tenderness, and love in it that it’s impossible to not fall in love with the soundtrack or the movie. And yes, it has two of my favorite people ever: Julia Roberts and Richard Gere literally light the screen up with this playful and yet soulfully resounding chick flick. Oh my god. You need to listen to this music. I mean, most of us can remember our first kiss, but Vivian’s criss-cross crass attitude and shyness make this kiss one to remember for all time.
And you know what’s the worst thing in the whole world? I have not been able to find this song anywhere. Probably because it’s just part of another song, but really, I need this.


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