Writing Wednesday! The weekly writing challenge:

So, let me know in the comments below if you enjoy having a weekly writing contest from me: does this inspire you? Or does it make you feel pressured? Do you regularly enter writing contests? What sort of writing contests do you like seeing?

This is something new I’m trying for a couple weeks; if you guys like it, let me know by liking the post. If not, then you’ll never see it again. Some will have a particular prompt or theme; but that is to help you write outside of your boundaries 🙂

So here goes, my lovelies! This weeks weekly writing challenge is to submit something to Switchback magazine. Switchback is a publication of the Master of Fine Arts in Writing Program of the University of San Francisco. They have a monthly writing prompt, and the one they had a couple of months ago was: “Thought is made in the mouth.”

Submissions are due on the last day of the month, and can be short story, prose, creative non-fiction, non-fiction, poetry, art, and more. They accept submissions from everyone; no matter how old, gender, location etc. Take the time this weekend to sit down for an hour and write a response to this prompt and submit it for review.

The guidelines (taken from their website):

Each month Switchback provides a prompt and we want you to send us your best work inspired by that prompt. The winning entry as decided by our editors will be featured on Switchback. Contest submissions can be poetry, fiction, nonfiction, or even art but must be 500 words or under. Please send us only one submission per prompt and only previously unpublished works. We accept simultaneous submissions but please notify us immediately of acceptance elsewhere. Make sure your name DOES NOT appear on the submission itself. The deadline for submissions is 5:00 pm on the last day of the month.

Switchback does not accept email or hard copy submissions. Please submit using our online submission manager: SUBMISHMASH Online Submission System

I highly recommend reading their magazine; take the time today to check it out at: http://www.swback.com/index.html



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