Finding Inspiration and Peace

This has been an up and down week for me. I started it off feeling really stresse, frustrated, lonely, stymied, and more. I’ve ended feeling relaxed, determined, almost joyful to the point of crying, and at peace with the world. 

The last one I think is the most important to me. The feeling of being at peace with things. Okay with the world 

There are still bad things that are happening. People that I should help but I don’t, and many other things that are keeping me from being “happy,” but as the Constitution of the United States (God save the President) puts it, we are only guaranteed the pursuit of happiness, and not happiness itself. Happiness is something that keeps us moving forward, that motivates us to achieve our goals, but it is not an endgame. You will never remain happy. Happiness is the crest of a wave. A temporary, fleeting enjoyment. 

But peace, peace us much longer lasting. We don’t pursue happiness as much or as determindely as we pursue peace. Because peace is more long-term. It’s a satisfaction with things, the end of conflict. Peace is both found in turmoil and in quiet times. It’s not something that needs to be defined by circumstances, but can be find no matter what is happening. 

This week I found a bit of that peace, a little bit of letting go. I got some perspective from some friends, painted pottery with someone I really love, reconected with someone who is very dear to me, and got reinspired by music. Oh how I love you music! The way to a woman’s heart may be long and difficult sometimes, but there is an express highway to mine through music. Songs make me laugh and cry and walk with a bounce in my step. Songs can make me angry or make me sleepy. 

There was one time when I was on a plane on my way home, and someone I loved played me a song. It was my song and still is. Songs are thin spun threads of gold that connect my soul to those that I love. 

So here’s a wee bit of music that inspired my this week. It inspired me to practice violin until my fingers gained a pulse, and it made me so happy that people in the world are still pursuing beautiful things. It gave me peace, and maybe it will give you peace as well. 


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