Brighton Girls are Better than Boyfriend’s Boys

There’s nothing wrong with boys. I am dating a boy. I work with boys. I look at them. I like them.

But when I moved to Brighton the only people I was meeting were boys. And wives, which were slightly different from women. It’s hard to break out of the roles assigned to you by a society that feeds off of nasty ideas of sexism and propriety. Women who are married to men are still people who have agency, independence, and a killer sense of humor. Wives are an unfortunate result of the apathy of sliding into social expectations, where your personality is limited to the role of partner to your husband.

Anyways, this weekend was a huge one for me because I got to meet a lot of women from Brighton. I met women from Brighton at a Meetup on Sunday, who, while some of them were married to men, some were engaged to men, some were dating men, some were dating women, some were single, and some were a mixture of a little bit of everything, they were all just… women. Who had their own lives and amazing stories and crises and filled me with such respect, admiration, love, and enthusiasm.

I love the boys. Don’t get me wrong. But the girls, I need them.


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